Born Again (Cross TV)

Mark Kielar

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Product Description:
2000 years ago, under the cover of night, one of the most important conversations in all of Scripture took place between Jesus and a Pharisee named Nicodemus. And it was Jesus Himself who first used the term "born again" in that very conversation. So we have no qualms about saying that perhaps the most important words a person can ever proclaim concerning their spiritual condition are these: I am BORN AGAIN. So why is so critical a term so misused, misunderstood and difficult to define?

This two-part program clarifies what "born again" really is, and is just as important for believers as it is for the skeptical, non-believing world at large.

User Reviews:

By Patrick Johnson
If you are not familiar with Word Pictures then this video is a great place to start. Mark Kielar does a wonderful job explaining that true Christians don't just decide to follow Christ, they are "born again".