Against Dispensationalism: Israel, The Church and Bible Prophecy 2008 Conference

Dr. Kenneth Gentry, Jr., Dr. Kenneth Talbot, Jerry Johnson

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Product Description:
Is the Dispensational hermeneutic a literal hermeneutic? What is the supposed “law of first mention?” Who is true Israel? How does one become a Jew? Was the formation of the “new” state of Israel in 1948 fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? Does the Bible teach that there is a future temple yet to be built? Has dispensationalism broken continuity with the Word of God and Church history? Has dispensationalism in its history taught different ways of salvation?’s 2008 Conference, Against Dispensationalism: Israel, the Church & Bible Prophecy, was held October 4-5 and the conference DVD features Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr. (Th.D.), Kenneth G. Talbot (Ph.D.) and Jerry Johnson (M. Phil.) covering these and other topics. This two DVD set is divided into seven segments totaling nearly seven hours in length. The lecture titles are:

  • Literally Abused: The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism
  • The Harlot Rides the Beast
  • Not All of Israel is Israel
  • Matthew and the Demise of Israel
  • Against Dispensationalism Part I
  • Against Dispensationalism Part II
  • Roundtable Discussion (Q&A)

User Reviews:

By Gustavo Quintero
If you want to learn more about Dispensationalism versus Covenantal theology this is the movie to watch. It is very exhaustive. I think I learned more from this move than going to a Bible College.