Are Roman Catholics Our Brothers & Sisters in Christ? Debate

James White, Doug Wilson

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Product Description:
Does Trinitarian baptism join you to the New Covenant? Does it join you to Christ? Does it make you a brother or sister in Christ with everyone else who has likewise been baptized, even if you hold to a false gospel? Are Roman Catholics our brothers and sisters in Christ by Baptism, regardless of the gospel they believe? Why did the early Reformers believe Roman baptism was valid? Why did the later framers of the Westminster Confession and Second London Baptist Confession refer to the Papacy as the seed of anti-Christ?

Join Reformed Baptist scholar Dr. James R. White and Doug Wilson of Christ Church Moscow, ID (one of the leading advocates of Federal Vision theology) in this very lively and informative debate as they discuss these and other related issues.

User Reviews:

By Carl Copsey
Very informative! I must give this to James White. Hands down! The man knows his message. He knows his defense. Doug Wilson did sweat and stumble a little....maybe more than a little. Loved this debate. It was very clear in understanding these two views.