Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation

Dr. Kenneth Gentry, Jr.

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Product Description:
Revelation continues to be a favorite book for Christians today, just as it has been throughout the ages. Its bold drama easily captures our imagination in our visually-oriented culture. But Revelation is no easy book to understand. The Devil’s Dictionary facetiously defined “Revelation” as “a famous book in which St. John concealed all that he knew.” One of the key issues necessary for understanding John’s mysterious work is its date of composition. Once we realize when John wrote, the task of understanding what he wrote becomes much easier.

In this in-depth lecture, Dr. Gentry presents a helpful summary of his doctoral dissertation on Revelation’s date. He not only highlights fascinating evidence from ancient writers, but from Revelation’s text itself. He presents a concise, clear, and compelling case for a pre-AD 70 composition. Once he points out the clues in the text, a flood of light illuminates the story: John was writing Revelation as a prophetic warning of Jerusalem’s coming destruction, which ended the old covenant economy and secured the new covenant church a place in history. Once we hear the evidence, Revelation will become for us truly a revelation. We will experience as never before Revelation’s blessing : “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy” (Rev 1:3).

User Reviews:

By Benjamin Hopper
This lecture does get deep (not as deep as the book though) and raises many questions challenging the widespread teaching about Revelation naturally arising from a late date position. This video is understandable to almost anyone regardless of their previous knowledge of Revelation. If you want to really dive into this subject, I recommend Dr. Gentry's book of the same title with the warning that it is VERY deep. It's the full text of his doctoral dissertation.