Christianity Explored

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Product Description:
Christianity Explored is a ten-week course that introduces people to Christianity using the Gospel of Mark as its basis. Written by Rico Tice and Barry Cooper and originally run as a course at All Souls Church, Langham Place in London -- where it is still in use -- this widely-used course aims to introduce people to Jesus as they read the gospel of Mark -- who he is, why he came and what it means to follow him.

The two-disc DVD set includes nearly four hours of material and is filmed on location around the United Kingdom. As well as being really easy to use, the DVD set features improved picture quality and a re-mastered soundtrack as well as subtitles, a trailer, a preview and a 40-page guide to using the series.

Disc 1
Programme 1 - Introduction
Programme 2 - Jesus - Who Was He?
Programme 3 - Jesus - Why Did He Come?
Programme 4 - Jesus - His Death
Programme 5 - What is Grace?
Programme 6 - Jesus - His Resurrection
Programme 7 - What is a Christian?
Programme 8 - Continuing as a Christian
Programme 9 - Choices - King Herod
Programme 10 - Choices - James, John & Bartimaeus

Disc 2
Exploring Christian Life Programmes
Exploring The Church
Exploring The Holy Spirit
Exploring Prayer
Exploring The Bible

User Reviews:

By Robert Crebbin
really like the series. It was interesting,practical and sound teaching.

By Gustavo Quintero
This was extremely enjoyable dvd! I would definitely get this dvd again to do this study. Rico Tice is a very good speaker and can relate to all people. I hope he builds on this series somehow. It is a very good beginners dvd set.