Basic Training for Understanding Bible Prophecy

Gary DeMar

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Product Description:
The end is here... again. At every calendar milestone, self-proclaimed modern-day prophets arise to stir up a furor rivaled only by the impending apocalypse they predict. This doom-and-gloom prognostication is not only spread by a few fanatics, but by millions of Christians, including some of the most recognized names in mainstream Christianity.

In this authoritative 12-part DVD series, Gary DeMar clears the haze regarding end-times themes by explaining in clear language the interpretation of the time texts, The Olivet Discourse, Daniel's Seventy Weeks, The Book of Revelation, and more!

12 illustrated half hour Lectures:

Disc 1:

  • Why Should We Study Bible Prophecy?
  • Crying Prophetic Wolf, Newspaper Exegesis, & the Time Texts
  • Setting the Context for the Olivet Discourse
  • The Olivet Discourse: This Generation

Disc 2:
  • The Olivet Discourse: Worldwide Preaching of the Gospel
  • The Olivet Discourse: Sun, Moon, & Stars
  • The Olivet Discourse: The Coming of the Son of Man
  • The Olivet Discourse: Gathered Together

Disc 3:
  • The Olivet Discourse: Passing Away of Heaven and Earth
  • The Olivet Discourse: Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9:24-27
  • The Olivet Discourse: The Difference that Prophecy Makes.
  • The Book of Revelation: Who's Really Being Literal?

Speaker: Gary DeMar

User Reviews:

By Craig Chambers
Excellent, Gary DeMar has a clear and concise understanding of the subject that comes across in his teaching. This is Prophecy made easy. I highly recommend it

By Robert Crebbin
I had never thought about revelation like this before. It really challenged my view on end times. I highly recommend it.

By Sarah Corney
Very easy to follow and clear. Even those who would disagree with the position can appreciate the clarity with which it it presented.